Minus Forever

Minus Forever is my attempt to reconcile the filmic flow and world-building of my novel practice hitherto established with the fragmented logic of the classical comic strip (or gag comic) whose efficiency means every ‘strip’ delivers both setup and closure.

What this means is that ‘world’ has to be repeated through backgrounds and verbal encounters instead of interactions or even ‘shots,’ which will be a challenge for me as I in every other project have cut straight to establishing shots for silent character interactions. Employing a 2×2 grid for efficiency over the 3×3, leading to a greater severance of temporal flow and more of an investigation of ‘closure.’

For the sake of my brain, the focus on the work as a single page will mean quicker and more regular feelings of satisfaction, as well as the opportunity to experiment with different line and pattern types that are all over within four frames.

It’s gonna be wild!