Trash City Apocrypha



by Max & Molly Coombes

Trash City Apocrypha is a story cycle wherein a diverse cast of characters try to navigate hope and apathy in Trash City, a settlement that sits atop a great desert plateau and has long rejected both history and apocrypha.

Written quickly and with little editing (often to the detriment of the prose), the setting and characters were imagined through the forced remembering of a level in the Playstation 2 game Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus, last encountered fifteen years ago. The level is now old data, sitting in a memory bank susceptible to the decay and corruption of information. Trash City Apocrypha is an effort to force life and new beginnings from this environment, a parallel drawn in the text to imagining a new future from an abandoned theme park slash junkyard considered the endpoint for its inhabitants.