Big Shambling Beast



by Max Coombes

Big Shambling Beast is a comic written and drawn for the advicecomics blog, responding to the question

I’ve been thinking a lot about the DNA that we keep leaving in some snail trail after us: all the flakes of skin, hair, eyelashes and fingernails. Is anyone able to pick up on these occult codes? Is anyone following me? Is this paranoia, or some healthy critical thinking? Is the parts of us that flake off eventually make up more than our current body?

The characters Harriet and Claire (or Grub) from Girlz Night appear for a walking conversation about the different existential and spiritual repercussions that come with accepting the fact that we are perpetually disintegrating and rebuilding ourselves on a cellular level.

In Harriet’s opinion, Grub is suffering because she is trying to hold onto a permanence that is at odds with the way of all things. Grub on the other hand would rather suffer as an incoherent whole, than liberate herself from suffering and lose her self in the process.


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